Care and Maintenance
Care and Maintenance For Your Rehab Unit

Six Shooter

Care, Maintenance, and Limitations of use.



Care and Maintenance:


·      Verify tightness of the misting nozzles prior to use. The misting nozzles should be tight enough to slightly compress the O-rings. Use caution to not over tighten as damage to Six Shooter could result!

·         Wash with mild detergent and water weekly or more frequently as needed if it becomes soiled.

·         Inspect gasket for damage and foreign material daily and after each use.

·         Inspect misting nozzles for damage and foreign material daily and after each use.

·         Occluded nozzles should be cleared with compressed air from outside-in. If occlusion is not cleared, rinse in vinegar for 20 (twenty) minutes, rinse thoroughly with water and clear orifice with compressed air.

·         Every 6 (six) months, nozzles should be removed from cap and soaked in vinegar for 20 (twenty) minutes. Thoroughly rinse with water after vinegar bath and clear orifice with compressed air.


Nozzle Replacement:

·         With Six Shooter on pump discharge, remove damaged nozzle with size 10mm wrench, if hex head nozzle, pliers or channel locks, if ridge grip nozzle. Take care to not damage finish on cap.

·         Inspect threads of vacated hole in Six Shooter.

·         Place included O-ring on replacement nozzle.

·         Apply included Loctite® Blue Threadlocker to threads of replacement nozzle.

·         Place nozzle in vacant hole of Six Shooter taking care to properly align threads.

·         Tighten replacement nozzle by hand enough to just compress O-ring. Use caution not to over tighten as damage to Six Shooter could result.


Limitations of Use:

·         May be used on discharge of pumping apparatus or remotely on hose or appliance.

·         May be used as “normal operating” cap on any pump discharge or stored in compartment until use.

·         Minimum recommended operating pressure 100psi.

·         Maximum operating pressure not to exceed 250psi.

·         Intended for use with water from municipal water supply only.

·         Not for use with non-potable water or additives. Use with these liquids may result in introduction of microorganisms and / or foreign debris resulting in serious illness, injury, or damage to product.

·         Not recommended for use in temperatures below 40°F (4.4°C).




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